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Thread: Anyone else getting this pushback from Bell on eSIM?

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    Anyone else getting this pushback from Bell on eSIM?

    Hi all

    So I’ve tried signing upfor a new account with eSIM with Bell/Virgin and no matter whom I speak with (mall kiosk (downtown Vancouver) / call-in to customer service), they’re telling me that I need to activate two lines.

    This doesn’t make sense because I bought the XR intentionally so that I could carry one phone that has my work and personal phone line.

    Are you aware of a way to just activate a single line over eSIM? I have never been with Bell before and no port-in will be involved. I just want to use this eSIM line as my personal phone line on my XR so I don’t need to carry two separate phones everywhere.

    I know eSIM is doable 100% on Bell today, just don’t know if I’m not articulating properly when speaking with bell when requesting for service. Have others on here had to deal with this push back? If so, can you share your experience on whether you found a way around it?

    Appreciate if you can guide me here please!
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