Hi - I had signed up for the T-mobile All In One Promo that comes with OnePlus features for $100/month for 2 lines.

I had signed up with 7 lines but then dropped it to two lines as I wanted to merge our 10+ year grandfathered plan into the new one. I was told to hold off as we had equipment credits on the 10+ year grandfathered plan.

I was quoted when I'm ready to move it would be $220/month with the OnePlus features and they would as a exception add kickback. I also have hookup discount on the newer account but we can keep that aside.

Well phone credits are over, ready to merge, T-mobile says on the Al In One Promo you can't have more than 3 lines.

WHAT!! when did this happen.

Anyone in the same boat, they said switch to new plan. I said if I switch to new plan for 7 lines with OnePlus cost it would be $325/month vs where it would have been $220/month before.

I hate this whole t-mobile business