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Tefficient, a European consultancy firm, has released a new report on the global wireless market, with a not entirely-unexpected conclusion: that the availability of decent data-only plans results in high data usage. Austria and Finland are specifically called out, as is Canada.

Let's cut to the chase, at the very end of Tefficient's 20-page brief:

Our analysis shows a strong correlation between the data-only penetration of a country’s SIM base and the average data usage. Austria and Finland are the two data-only powerhouses of the world; Austria’s usage is higher, but Finland’s penetration is higher.

But a prerequisite for this – and for high data usage in general – is that the total revenue per gigabyte is low. This is the case in India, Finland, Taiwan, Lithuania, Latvia, Thailand, Estonia and Austria. These countries are mobile data paradises for users.

Canada and Belgium represent the other end. The total revenue per gigabyte here is roughly 70 times higher than in India and 23 times higher than in Finland. And consequently, mobile usage is lower than average.
Put another way, Canadian mobile subscribers are collectively paying a lot of money for not a lot of value. And as I've written here before, super-fast 5G networks are going to be a tough sell here if prices stay high and usage stays low.

Source: Tefficient PDF via Michael Geist