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Thread: Big Tech Meets Big Brother

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    Here's a VICE video report on China's social credit system, which I first posted about here in early 2017. It really is, as I wrote back then, a Black Mirror episode come to life.

    Surely such a technological dystopia could never take root here in the west, right? Well, after reading a brand-new feature on WIRED, I'm not so sure.

    Some key data points:

    Apps that snoop on our daily habits—like tracking our location—are a booming business, and accordingly becoming ever-more accurate and invasive.

    For spy agencies like the NSA, data fusion is the new buzzword. It's their process of ingesting vast pools of information from around the world and dumping it into a massive data lake—all to more quickly connect the dots on a given target. This data lake, by the way, is powered by Amazon Web Services.

    Though Google has promised to abandon its controversial Project Maven, there's no shortage of other tech companies hungry for defence contracts.

    Google's parent company Alphabet spent over $16 million buying influence in Washington, DC last year. Amazon, AT&T and Facebook were also among the top twenty spenders in government lobbying.

    To see where this all leads have a read through the source, directly below.

    Source: WIRED
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