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Thread: Two-Thirds of Samsung's Galaxy 10 Series Break Cover

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    Post Two-Thirds of Samsung's Galaxy 10 Series Break Cover

    Samsung's 10th anniversary Galaxy phones are due to make their début in less than a month, and German site AllAboutSamsung seems to have managed a bit of a scoop: publishing detailed photos of two of the S10 lineup's three phones.

    As a reminder, here's what we're expecting in the S10 product portfolio:

    Galaxy S10 E (5.8 inch display)
    Galaxy S10 (6.1 inch display)
    Galaxy S10+ (6.4 inch display)

    There are also rumours of a fourth model with a 5G modem of some sort, but the photos immediately below show prototypes for the S10 and S10+ only.

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    All three S10 models will ship with "hole punch" displays, with the plus-sized phone getting a larger cut-out to accommodate dual selfie cams.

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    On the back you'll notice tri-camera setups and the absence of any fingerprint readers—that's because the S10 and S10+ will have them under their displays. The cheaper S10E will house a hardware sensor on the side of its chassis.

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    Now here's some welcome news: bucking an industry-wide trend, both the S10 and S10+ will include headphone jacks. Kudos for that!

    Remember to check back here on February 20th to see how much of this the Germans got right...

    Source: AllAboutSamsung via Tom's Guide
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    Thanks for sharing the info...

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