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Thread: Rogers Wireless DATA counter not resetting

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    Rogers Wireless DATA counter not resetting

    Hello Everyone,

    Last month and this month my DATA counter has not reset. I had to call support for them to do a manual reset.
    I've waited till the cycle starts and my bill printed (2 days later) and 24hrs after. I have 20 Days left and it still didn't reset.

    Is this something from Rogers end? I don't want to have to call every month for them to do this. Also when they reset they only give me my plan DATA not my extra 5GB Loyalty addon that I received from retention.

    Thank you

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    Good evening TilhasBB,

    Apologies for the delay in response, are you still experiencing this issue? Is it restricted to the app? Or do you see the same thing on MyRogers via the browser?

    Just need a little bite more info. to assist you further.


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