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Thread: How do I make a custom voicemail greeting in GV?

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    How do I make a custom voicemail greeting in GV?

    I remember once being able to make custom voicemail greetings for different people who call me.

    Like one for John, and a different VM greeting for Robert, and another for Tommy.

    But I am at a loss at how to do it now.

    Did it change and GV now only allows one general VM greeting for anyone who calls me?

    I would prefer to be able to make the custom greetings via the GV app than to actually go to a computer.

    And ideas?


    p.s. I have the latest GV update that was put at a couple of weeks ago at the beggining of January 2019.

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    You will have to do this on a computer and you will have to go to the legacy settings. Once there you can create a custom voicemail for different groups, like family, friends, coworkers, etc.

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