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Thread: Buying Kickstart plan with phone from eBay?

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    Buying Kickstart plan with phone from eBay?

    Buying Kickstart plan from eBay?

    Trying to figure out if this would be worth doing. has the $15 plan listed for sale with a phone. The way I figure I'm currently paying $50 with T-Mobile so I'd save $35/month. If the phone is worth $200? then I'll break even in 8.5 months. But I've heard rumors that the plan is only good for a year and there might be a rate increase?

    If the plan doesn't expire, and Sprint supposedly roams on T-Mobile now? then it could be a decent investment. But I don't want to blow the money if Sprint is going to cut the plan soon and that's why he's selling? It doesn't seem entirely logical to be selling the plan unless that phone doesn't roam? Description says Sprint doesn't work well in his area but if it roams on T-Mobile then I can't see how that's true. If the phone doesn't roam on T-Mobile then it makes sense to sell.

    Anything I should be worried about?

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    He is not doing a transfer of responsibility so what you are "buying" is a questionable private agreement with him to use his plan under his name and his SSN and his responsibility. Is that legally enforceable? Maybe not if the plan says it cannot be transferred.

    What if Sprint contacts the owner of the plan (him) to verify something and cannot reach him. After all, they are extending credit to him under under his SSN.

    What if you call Sprint and they want confirmation you are him?

    Basically, your rights are built on sand.

    Also consider you can get the Free plan for free plus taxes for 14 months for up to 5 lines.

    The kickstart plan itself is good indefinitely though.

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    would this be the same thing ?? -

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    Quote Originally Posted by october262 View Post
    Well yes, that's what I was saying you would want to insist on receiving, as a buyer, but this seller is not offering to do that. It is his refusal/inability to do so that is the problem in my opinion.

    He may be right that it is not even possible.

    This seller wants to just give you the password to his Sprint kickstart account WITHOUT doing a transfer of responsibility with Sprint.

    To me, that is not a satisfactory transfer of ownership.

    It is even more dangerous for him, because you could tun up a zillion dollar bill and when your credit card bounced it, Sprint would go back and sue him as the account holder of record.

    So it is just too shaky all round in my opinion.

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