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Thread: Dual SIM. Does the 2nd SIM do LTE?

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    Dual SIM. Does the 2nd SIM do LTE?

    I know that with many dual SIM phones the 2nd SIM only does GSM. I'm wondering if newer phones (e.g. OnePlus 6) understand UMTS and/or LTE on the 2nd SIM. What about CDMA? Is it possible to have a phone set up for a CDMA/LTE carrier, like Verizon, with one SIM and have the other SIM on a GSM/LTE carrier, like T-Mobile?
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    On my BlackView Bv8000 Pro, it is working currently on Mint Sim/Tmo VoLTE/LTE in slot one and H2O/AT&T 3G in slot two. I've sometimes substituted a KoKo mobile (Swiss reseller of Jersey Telecom with a UK number) for AT&T when outside the US...most recently in Bermuda for callback service via USSD dialing. I've gotten LTE on slot one or two (it will soft switch) but haven't ever seen LTE in both slots simultaneously. Most I'll get is LTE in one slot and 3g in the other. I can however feed a LTE or 3G mifi signal via wifi, which I may be do for AT&T unlimited data service, Sprint Karma service or SkyRoam international service.

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    The Oneplus 6 and 6T will do dual sim with LTE on both at the same time. 6T can be on Verizon (as LTE only and no CDMA) and TMobile at the same time. The 6 wasn't certified for Verizon, only the 6T.

    The Oneplus 3, 3T, 5 and 5T can do 4G LTE on one sim and a 3G on the other.

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