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Thread: $15 a month to port in a number? WTF?

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    Thumbs down $15 a month to port in a number? WTF?

    I just ported from Freedom to a Canada-US plan with Telus. I liked Freedom, but I don't really have a choice - I have to be able to keep my number and use my phone anywhere in Canada and US and need 4GB of data... Any possible solutions I could come up with including pairing Freedom with a US prepaid service will cost me over $100 a month anyway.

    So that's done and I have my first bill. Then I saw a $15 phone number change charge under "recurring monthly plan charge" that was extra from my already $110 plan (mind you this is a 100% retail plan that anyone can get off its website; at least I'm getting 7GB at this price) and not mentioned anywhere. Anyone got dinged this?

    Never once was I ever charged a fee to port a number. I'm contacting Telus to find out where the hell did it come from.

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    $15 a month to port in a number? WTF?

    Honestly that doesn’t sound right. I have no experience with Telus but I have ported my number before and never heard of such a charge. Please do keep us informed.

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