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Statista is back with yet another infographic about smartphones around the world—or in this particular case, the lack thereof. Here's what you need to know about what they're calling The Mobile Disconnect:

Pew Research conducted an analysis of smartphone ownership rates in several countries in 2018, finding that they vary considerably, even across advanced economies.

Thirteen percent of their U.S. respondents owned a basic mobile phone while only six percent did not own any handset at all. Surprisingly, it's a very different story north of the border with a quarter of Canadians saying they did not have any mobile phone.
The infographic shows that a full thirty-four percent of Canadians didn't own a smartphone in 2018. You might not think that's so bad—Japan has the same percentage, and they're a fairly tech-savvy nation, right?

Right, and that's why you need to look specifically at the numbers for "mobile but not smartphone" (green) versus "no mobile at all" (blue-green). Remember that Japan was already enjoying the world's first successful mobile Internet at the dawn of this century, and with fast data speeds, mobile payments and the like, even their dumb phones are pretty damn smart.

As for Canada, well... in terms of mobile penetration we're doing slightly better than Indonesia. So, yay for us?

Source: Statista via Alan Cross