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Here's a data point from reddit that might help you fight the recent rate increases on those Big Three 10 GB plans from December, 2017. In case you weren't aware, Bell, Rogers and Telus hiked the monthly rates on these plans by $5 last month, and the same increase was applied to plans under the Fido and Virgin Mobile brands—only Koodo seems to have been spared, for now.

Anyway, someone on the Personal Finance Canada subreddit got the original rate restored to their accounts by calling in:

I called Bell, and spoke with Customer Relations, and managed to get the plan back down to the original cost before the increase, guaranteed for 2 years. They threw in an extra gig of data and gave my iPad a free gig of data thus saving me about 20$ a month (my iPad is on a 5$ a month plan but it only gives 250mb of data, it jumps to 25$ for 1GB, it's only used for school). I have to repeat the process for the rest of my family but if you're polite and friendly the reps I dealt with were good and did say that they're getting a lot of angry phone calls.

It's worth taking the half hour and just dealing with it.
The "your mileage may vary" disclaimer definitely applies here, as the only bargaining chip you have is the threat of cancelling your service—leaving you with Freedom Mobile as the only other provider offering 10 GB for $60/month.

If you are successful getting your $5 rate hike clawed back kindly let the rest of us know!

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