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Last June I posted what was basically a fan render of the iconic Moto Razr, re-imagined as a foldable phone. Now, some nine months later, it seems like that flight of fancy wasn't so far off.

Yes, that's another render you're looking at above—but what's different about this one is that it's based on drawings submitted by Moto itself to the World Intellectual Property Organization:

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And now the bad news: specs for Moto's first foldable aren't exactly top-tier...

6.2 inch 876 x 2142 pixel primary display
800 x 600 pixel closed display
Unknown camera array
Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor
4 or 6 GB RAM / 64 or 128 GB storage
2,730 mAh battery
Available in black, gold and white

Even more bad news: there are rumours that this foldable but otherwise very average Android handset will start at $1500 USD. Still interested?

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