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Thread: Where should I go now that my free year of Sprint is over? Mint? Any suggestions?

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    T-Mobile Mobile Internet Network Access

    Quote Originally Posted by Boz1 View Post
    Maybe they were originally meant for tablets and/or hotspots, but they do work just fine in phones. Read the prior posts in this thread.

    Also, now that I'm looking closer, unless I'm missing something, I don't see anything on [...] now indicating any kind of restriction on what kind of device the Mobile Internet Plans can be used in.

    I just noticed something else. From the above URL, what does the following mean, and what's it for?
    "Mobile Internet Network Access $0.00 per month"
    I just noticed I ended up on the "Mobile Internet Network Access" plan by accident. I thought I had signed up for automatic billing of the $10/month 2GB plan and was experiencing very slow service.

    I have a 4G modem subscribed to this plan and the modem has had an internet connection the entire time. However, there is extreme packet loss (but not complete packet loss). I have a camera which shows up as being connected to the Internet most of the time. I can send commands to the camera to turn on and off its light as well as receive occasional live screen shots, but no video.

    So, my guess is the "Mobile Internet Network Access" plan is supposed to be a 0GB plan, but does let some data through very unofficially.

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