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Before moving forward there's one more story from last week that bears a closer look, a rather unfortunate one for HMD's efforts to revive the storied Nokia brand. To bring you up to speed, a site in Norway broke the news that the Nokia 7 Plus was sending personal user data—including the device IMEI, MAC and SIM ID, plus location information—to a server in China.

Nokia was quick to respond, explaining that a single batch of the device in question shipped with an activation client "meant for another country". The issue has since been fixed via a software update.

In a separate press release, Nokia goes on to detail what data they collect, along with why and how they do it:

The what includes some location data, but cannot be used to identify you without your express consent—that is, only if you opt in to Nokia's User Experience Program;

The why includes activating the device warranty, as well as improving user satisfaction;

The how basically boils down to two servers, one in China for Chinese customers and the other in Singapore for everyone else.

Oh, and if you own a Nokia 7 Plus navigate to Settings > System > About Phone > Build Number. If your device shows either of the following:


... then the fix has already been applied.

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