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Thread: Data settings for non-AT&T Android device

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    Data settings for non-AT&T Android device

    I was having trouble locating the correct APN settings to use my unlocked, universal Samsung Galaxy S9 on the AT&T Connected Car plan. I found out that it needs to be configured as a tablet.

    Program data settings for non-AT&T Android device
    To use AT&T 4G (HSPA+) or 4G LTE data services, you may need to program your data settings for a compatible, non-AT&T Android™ device, like an unlocked device from another carrier or a device purchased directly from the manufacturer.

    Some older Android smartphones may use the wap.cingular APN as the default AT&T setting. This APN no longer supports smartphone data connectivity.

    To program an Android device with the correct settings to connect to AT&T data services:
    Access the Settings menu.
    Locate and select either Wireless & Networks, More Networks, or Connections.
    Select Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.
    Locate and select the option to add a new APN. This is usually accessed by a + symbol on the screen or by tapping the menu button.
    Program each field using the settings below.
    Save the changes to return to the APN's menu and select the new APN.

    Data settings Smartphones Tablets Smartwatches
    Name NXTGENPHONE ATT Broadband Phone
    APN NXTGENPHONE Broadband Phone
    Proxy Not set Not set Not set
    Port Not set Not set Not set
    Username Not set Not set Not set
    Password Not set Not set Not set
    Server Not set Not set Not set
    MMSC Not set Not set
    MMS proxy Not set Not set
    MMS port 80 Not set Not set
    MCC 310 310 Not set
    MNC 410 410 Not set
    Authentication Type None None None
    APN type default,mms,supl,hipri default,mms,supl,hipri,fota Not set
    APN protocol IPv4 Enabled Not set
    Bearer Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified

    Note: If you are unable to program your device following the steps above, refer to your user manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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    Works great. Thank you.

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