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Thread: Postpaid SIM in Prepaid iPhone

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    Postpaid SIM in Prepaid iPhone

    Does anyone know if I can use a postpaid SIM in a Verizon prepaid iPhone 6s?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tr0gd0r View Post
    Does anyone know if I can use a postpaid SIM in a Verizon prepaid iPhone 6s?
    As long as the prepaid iPhone 6s has been used long enough on Verizon Prepaid (the box or other documentation with the phone purchase should tell you the requirements), and then had it officially unlocked by calling Verizon, then yes.

    But you can't just buy it at a subsidized price then use it on postpaid.

    The carriers have different policies. You CAN do this on ATT Postpaid with a Prepaid phone, but that usage doesn't count toward unlocking the phone later for use on other carriers like Verizon or international. But ATT requires you to wait 6 months to unlock it.

    I've done a prepaid phone on Verizon prepaid before (not an iPhone, so only required $75 of usage on prepaid), and was able to unlock it much earlier.
    iPhone 11 is my current primary phone. I have older model iPhones and Moto phones available on other lines. Trying to simplify to 2 prepaid lines, one on the Verizon network and a limited minute plan on ATT to improve coverage area. 12 month plans to help me fight the urge to switch. The good old days of contracts where you had to pay a hefty ETF to leave

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