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Thread: MMS not working - existing PPC account/sim, new phone

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    MMS not working - existing PPC account/sim, new phone

    My wife has been on Page Plus Cellular for at least a couple years now, with consistent and reliable service on a Motorola Moto X Pure Edition. We just got an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10, but MMS is not working. Everything else works: phone calls, SMS (text only messages), data. But I cannot get multimedia messages (MMS) to work. I've tried all the APN settings listed here. I also tried the APN settings from her old phone (slight variation on the ones shown in the link).

    No matter what APN settings I use, one of two things happens: either the MMS sending fails immediately with the error "Invalid destination address", or it hangs on "Sending..." (with the dots changing color, suggesting it's working). It will hang like this for at least an hour, then ultimately fail with "invalid destination address". She also cannot receive MMS messages (but receiving SMS messages works OK).

    I've also tried doing a "force stop", followed by "clear cache" and "clear data" in the Messages app. I've also tried rebooting the device between APN setting changes.

    Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Any other options we should try?

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