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Thread: Budget phone recommendation

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    Quote Originally Posted by navyson View Post
    I have free "third line" as part of my 2 lines for $100 deal with T-mobile. I gave that line and phone(HTC M8) to my mom(who is retired) a few years ago. However, the HTC M8 battery is dying and I need a relatively good "budget" phone as a replacement.

    Any recommendations? I bought a brand new Moto G phone about 2 years ago and it stopped working after a year. I had also had problem with other Motorola phones in the fast. There is a company called BLU that seems to sell "cheap" phones. I see alot of mixed reviews of them on Amazon

    My budget is $200 or less and I need a phone that has
    1. Good battery life
    2. Fully compatible with most or all of T-mobile bands
    3. At least 64 gigs of ram

    I know there is alot out there. Just wanted to narrow it down.

    I would avoid BLU at all costs. Their phones have had multiple incidences of software phoning home all your info to Chinese servers. Not all BLU phones are fully T-Mo compatible.

    I have had decent luck with Moto, but I know others who have had great difficulty. That says inconsistent quality to me. Hopefully it will improve.

    The post above me recommended Swappa. I use swappa (swappa dot com) and have many times. You can get used T-Mo phones for a good deal. I just recently got a iphone 6s plus, mint condition with a new battery for $220. It looked like brand new and hopefully will last for a while. My son's LG Stylo 3, that he loved, broke and I replaced it with another Stylo 3 for $100 in mint condition. If you go to swappa, click phones, then t-mobile, then look at what you want. You can limit your search by storage, price, condition of the device (for example I just did that and saw an LG V30 64gb for $200 in good condition. Good luck in your search.

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    Moto g7 I just got one for my mother been playing with the phone before giving it to her and Iobe it takes me back to good old days of the moto G

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    I agree with previous commentators. You should go with Motorola. They have several models that would be ok for your needs and budget.
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