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Thread: ATT Prepaid double data promo 16gb for $40 (w/ autopay)

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    ATT Prepaid double data promo 16gb for $40 (w/ autopay)

    ATT Prepaid becoming more competitive than Cricket on single lines, especially if you need hotspot.

    Plan includes Hotspot, HD video, Rollover Data, and Canada/Mexico roaming.

    This offer may be better for some people. The previous $45 unlimited promo didn't include hotspot or HD video. This might be the best price right now for fully unthrottled service. Metro has a $40 10GB plan without hotspot and HD video.
    So possible to have 24gb per month (16gb + 8gb rollover).

    Offer ends in stores at participating locations on 7/11/2019 and online on 7/4/19. Requires activation & payment of new line of service on $50 monthly plan (by offer end date) and AutoPay enrollment by 7/11/19. To receive bonus data each month, you must remain on the $50 Monthly Plan and be enrolled in AutoPay. Once qualifications have been met, bonus data will be applied to customer’s account within 3 days after activation and within 2 days after each qualified renewal. Multi-Line members are eligible as long as account owner is enrolled in AutoPay. Bonus data is used before plan data and does not roll over.

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    Cricket or ATT prepaid with double data

    I’ve been happy with cricket but this is a tempting plan. I have three unlimited lines for $90 with the 3mbps cap, which hasn’t been too bad. Has anyone compared cricket with ATT prepaid? Is there a difference with coverage/service that would make it worth switching to? Would there be less 4g? Any insight would be appreciated!

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