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Thread: Changes to Rogers Device Protection Plan

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    Toronto Changes to Rogers Device Protection Plan

    Just got this notice on my bill:

    On your first bill on or after April 25, 2019, the monthly fee for your Device Protection
    plan for this wireless device will increase by $2 (plus taxes). Please see the Wireless section
    of this bill for the current rate. Additionally, on May 25, 2019, based on your current
    device, the replacement processing fee will change from $200 to $400 and the repair
    processing fee will change from $100 to $175. The non-returned equipment and locked
    device fees will also be increasing for most devices as of this date. All other aspects of
    your service remain the same. The plan continues to offer great protection beyond your
    standard warranty such as free first screen repair, walk-in and mobile repair options
    and same day device replacement. For more information, including a list of the changes
    to all processing, non-returned equipment and locked device fees by device tier, visit To make updates or cancel, please reach out to us
    in any of the ways listed in the Contact Us section of this bill.

    So not only will they be increasing premiums but they're upping the replacement fee by 100%. Increased cost for less value. Agent attributes this to the increasing cost of devices... Last I checked the replacement cost of my iPhone Xs has gone down since I bought it. Average phone costs, while they have gone up (at least Apple devices,) but they haven't doubled....

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    I realize the change in fees seems significant. The processing fees varies depending on the tier you're on or the device you have. Please note that many subscribers will see no change or even a decrease in their Processing Fees. I would recommend you to review the pricing chart and tiers included on this page Changes coming to Rogers Premium Device Protection.

    The monthly service fee change will be effective on your first bill on or after April 25, 2019 for all provinces outside of Manitoba and Saskatchewan where it will be effective your first bill on or after May 7, 2019. All other above changes will be effective May 7, 2019 for Manitoba and Saskatchewan customers and May 25, 2019 for all provinces. Any service requests filed prior to this date will be fulfilled based on the fees in effect when the failure took place.


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    Does this change also affect Fido subscribers?

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