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Thread: Note 9 questions

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    Note 9 questions

    I have been an Apple user for a long time now (since galaxy s4 or 5 I can’t remember now). Hubby and I still have iPhone 7 Plus and wanted to upgrade this year but the iPhone XS Max is priced out of reach, I refuse to pay 2000.00 plus Apple care plus tax x 2 phones. I was researching the note 9 and like it because of ability to use DEX and the s pen for sketching which I do a lot.

    Coming from Apple will I be happy with the note 9? (Not worries about using android as I do have experience with it and used to hack phones back in the day so the OS or interface are not issues. More wondering about things like:

    Battery overheating, fires (any issues like the note 7 so far?)
    Hubby plans to use dual SIM and I only need one so I plan to throw another 512gb in it and have 1 Tb. We’re getting the 512 version.
    I found a few really great cases with 360 degree protection but one of them has no built in screen protector. Should I get a separate tempered glass protector or is the screen fairly scratch resistant on its own? Would the case with the built in screen protector (similar to unicorn beetle) affect the use of the s pen when sketching etc.?
    Does the battery really last a full day in real world usage? That’s my biggest complaint with the iPhone..
    size wise and weight wise is it much different than an iPhone 7 Plus? I know the screen is larger but mostly because of much smaller bezels. I love the no notch.

    It’s a big move from iOS to android right now but even paying for my apps again, the price will be about 1000.00 less per phone all in. Apple has become certifiable nuts with the pricing.

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    They assure that it will not overheat and exploding like note 7. They informed that they checked the battery thoroughly and institutes a carbon cooling system which was based on water to avoid the overheating. But I do not have any personal experience using note 7 or 9.

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    I haven't used screen protectors on my many Androids in at least 7 years. I do use cases like Otterbox, Ballistic or whatever.

    I'd say it depends how you carry your phone & if it has Gorilla glass or better. I carry mine in an empty pocket, no keys, change or anything to scratch them. I carry sturdy phones that don't bend so it's the rear pocket & I sit on my phones with no problems. I'm not a twig either. Don't know your model but most Androids aren't delicate bend wise or screen wise like apple.
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    I’d suggest watching some comparison videos on YouTube. Some of TH tech reviewers are pretty thorough.

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