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Thread: My experiences in flashing various custom ROM's and sound mods.

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    My experiences in flashing various custom ROM's and sound mods.

    I am sharing my experiences to all the people who are working with custom ROM's and sound mods to make their life easier. I am providing lot of tip's.

    I have successfully flashed sound mod called xtreme music and I think that any sound mod can be installed successfully by following my procedure.

    I have failed in flashing various sound mods upto 100's of times into latest custom ROM's. Flashing sound mod into Android naught custom ROM's was easy but flashing sound mod into latest custom ROM's is very difficult.

    I am going to describe what I have done in the following steps

    1) First make sure that you have latest twrp recovery manager and I have chosen redwolf version 027 which is the latest.
    2)Take backup of all the partitions of your device like system, data, firmware, WiFi,Bluetooth etc.,.
    3)go to advanced wipe and select all the partitions except microsd and USB storage and then wipe.
    4)before going to flash a custom ROM we need to flash a firmware of the device and so I have chosen fw_mido_miui_HMNote4XGlobal_V10.1.1.0.NCFMIFI_707a
    5)install the custom ROM zip file of your device and then install the gapps zip file.
    6)do not reboot automatically and instead wipe cache and dalvik cache in the recovery manager and then reboot.
    7)after rebooting and completing setup go to settings and enable android debugging.
    8)instalcalledattachment attachment filenameMagiskManager-v7.1.1
    9)download the file called attachment filenameMagisk-v18.1 from internet.
    10)open magisk manager and try to flash the above mentioned zip file. Please do not try to flash the magisk zip file with in recovery manager because it will not work. In the magisk manager also you will definitely fail upto 3 to four times but keep go on trying and at one moment you will succeed.
    11)install the xtrememusic zip file and I have chosen I am suggesting to flash magisk version of xtrememusic.
    12)After rebooting everything worked fine.

    To make sound mod work properly I think that magisk is must.

    In order to flash arise sound mod I am suggesting to make magisk is working properly. When you try to flash the zip file Arise Magisk Compatibility Module v4.0 in recovery manager it will show error as magisk module not found.

    I am also suggesting seriously not to flash at any time the flash file starting with attachment filenameMagisk-uninstaller because your device would not boot properly.

    In the recovery manager many times you may see errors such as "unable to mount storage", "unable to mount /data no such process found" etc.,. In order to get rid of this go to advanced wipe and select data partition and then select change file system type option and after that select ext4. Now I think so everything works fine in recovery manager.


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    Thanks! I might work up the courage to try something like this after this reminder.

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    Don't do this unless it's phone OS firmware specific & looked favorably on at XDA.

    People stop posting this ****. There's no all in one.
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    I have given these instructions to people who are working with custom ROM's and facing problems.

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