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Thread: Galaxy S10e randomly lowers volume while checking voicemail

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    Galaxy S10e randomly lowers volume while checking voicemail

    I hadn't realized that I should have posted this in the smartphone discussion area (which I have since done).
    Can this post be deleted?

    I have been using a Galaxy S10e on Tmobile for the past month and a half without any major problems other than some with Tmobile. The other day I decided to switch to AT&T and purchased a new S10e from them. Got home the other night and noticed that the phone was rather warm near the volume buttons while charging. I didn't think much of it, until while setting up my voicemail (regular voicemail, not visual voicemail) I noticed that the phone would randomly lower the volume down by itself to too low a level. I had to manually bring the volume back up. Well, this happened about half the times that I went to check my voicemail, so I thought I should bring the phone back and exchange it for another. To make a long story short, this same exact thing happened on the second phone. This one also felt very warm, almost hot right at the volume buttons while charging and had the same exact volume issues during voicemail. I had not made more than a couple of regular calls on either of the phones but I WAS on the phone with Samsung tech support for about 20 minutes and didn't experience any issues during the call...just on voicemail. I exchanged the phone for something altogether different.
    Is this something that anyone has seen happen?
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