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Thread: Nuu a1+ (marshmallow) , and truconnect. Iso the rom, factory image, or firmware

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    Nuu a1+ (marshmallow) , and truconnect. Iso the rom, factory image, or firmware

    **Bottom line, I am seeking the rom, factory image, or firmware , for the nuu a1+ (marshmallow)

    Had no problems with the phone, until one of the techs, K**** B*****, changed the number. Then the phone went crazy. I ended up clearing the emmc. Thank goodness I had all the login information for all my apps. Then I called up ABC (medical insurance), and after the phone call, all of a sudden, I started receiving “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped”, "Unfortunately chrome has stopped", etc. That message, came up for, pretty much, every app. I pulled the battery for one minute. Then I pulled the battery for ten minutes. When that did nothing, I pulled the battery, and held down the power button for one minute. Of course, that did not fix the problem. In the end, I would up factory resetting the phone. I was not aware that with this particular operating system, that sometimes, when you factory reset the phone, it will cause the phone to become hard bricked. When the phone hard bricked itself, I called truconnect, and asked them to replace the phone (since it's a known issue with the operating system. They refused. One "tech" said he would attempt a master reset. That did not occur. Btw, so far, there is no factory image, or rom for this operating system, for this phone, anywhere, and nuu will *not* provide the rom, or factory image. However, there are factory images for 5.0., on the internet. Now I have no phone, my doctors etc cannot contact me, and if I am injured somewhere, or attacked by some l*ft driver, I have no way to call for help. p.s. I am disabled, cannot walk without crutches, and have no motorized chair

    p.s. android multi tools v1.02b, and Chinese miracle 2 have not worked.

    Thank you

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    Your best bet is to seek help over at XDA Forums.

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