I’m interested in updating an iPhone on my account and think the Xr is the best choice.

I hope someone can tell me what are the colors & memory sizes that Costco might have in stock that qualify for the $750 rebate offer. I’d prefer the Product Red with either 128 Gb or 256 Gb memory size though. Has anyone been in contact with the booth at Costco for this current offer? Any color will do if the memory is either 128/256 Gb.

I’m on another trip and won’t be back home until May 12th, and I know the offer currently expires on 5-9, but I left the country before it began, so I need another weeks’ renewal for this to work.

Any advice or experience would be appreciated. My fallback plan is either buy from TM with credits, or Apple with Military discount & trade in. From Apple, the net cost is $419 with a 7 Plus trade in on the 128 Gb size.