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Thread: Can't call 611 from BC after 6PM weekdays

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    Can't call 611 from BC after 6PM weekdays

    Anyone else in BC having trouble calling 611 (fido) after 6PM PST? I have a 604 number with a BC address on my account and it keeps telling me they're closed. I have had to use their Internet Tech Support line in the past and keep calling until I get a rep who is willing to warm transfer me, but don't have the patience to deal with the process every time.

    Every Care rep I've spoken to confirms that they are open for BC customers until 9PM on weekdays and is clueless as to why this keeps happening. I've actually tried multiple BC based numbers (fido and non-fido) and always get c*kblocked after 6PM on weekdays.

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    Hey xTowndude!
    Nick here from the Fido Social Media team.
    After seeing your post we ran some tests on our end and the calls do seem to go through.
    We'll have to gather some more information, can you message us on Facebook or Twitter and reference this thread so we can investigate further?
    - Nick

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