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Thread: Moto G6 ~ extend duration of lock screen going dark

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    Moto G6 ~ extend duration of lock screen going dark

    this is in ref to my husband's first smart phone (provider is tracfone)
    I'm an iPhone user

    Whenever he tries to answer a call, the screen goes dark before he removes it from belt pouch
    (FYI lock screen is permanently unlocked)
    I've seen this issue myself multiple times and the screen goes dark in 3-4 seconds
    he has to manually turn screen off and on so he can swipe up and press on the notification to answer a call. Is this correct or is there something wrong with phone?

    he just needs more time for lock screen to be visible
    I've looked at all the phone settings and multiple web searches to try to resolve this issue without any luck

    welcome any thoughts/suggestions

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    Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Sleep -> Select timeout.

    I don't know if that changes how long the screen stays lit up for an incoming call.

    [Edit] I checked my G6. With the sleep time set to 15 seconds, the screen stayed lit for an incoming call for 30 seconds until the call went to voicemail. Mine is also Tracfone (using Verizon).

    I just noticed that you said that your G6 does not have a lock screen set. Mine does. I don't know if that would change the result.

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