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Thread: OnePlus phones

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    OnePlus phones

    I haven't found any threads on OnePlus. Mods, if there's one I missed please move.

    I'm initially impressed with the phone's specs/price, and I'm waiting for the 6T to launch.

    Currently I'm using a Galaxy S7 (AT&T) and although overall performance is good I've noticed it getting slower.

    More important than that, of course, is battery life. I'm currently debating whether to replace the battery (and take my chances with quality) or buy a new phone. The new S10 is outrageously priced.

    Does anyone own or otherwise have experience with OnePlus?

    TY for your informed replies.

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    6T was released last year. If you are talking about 7 Pro, there's a thread in the Other subforum.

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    Tad, thanks. 👍

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