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Thread: OnePlus Launches Trade-in Program

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    Post OnePlus Launches Trade-in Program

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    Looks like OnePlus is ripping off Apple yet again, this time in the best possible way: they are now accepting trade-ins! Customers can either get a credit towards a new phone by sending their old one in for inspection, or get cash back at any time using the same procedure. The landing page for the trade-in program mentions some kind of promo happening tomorrow—which also happens to be the launch date for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. But it seems like you're able to trade in your aging OnePlus device today.

    Here's how much you can potentially get for it:

    OnePlus 6T - up to $330 CAD / $250 USD
    OnePlus 6 - up to $300 CAD / $230 USD
    OnePlus 5T - up to $210 CAD / $160 USD
    OnePlus 5 - up to $200 CAD / $150 USD
    OnePlus 3T - up to $70 CAD / $60 USD
    OnePlus Three - up to $50 CAD / $40 USD
    OnePlus Two - up to $50 CAD / $40 USD
    OnePlus One - up to $40 CAD / $30 USD

    I guess the OnePlus X is officially worthless.

    OnePlus will also happily take in used phones from other OEMs—including Apple, Samsung, Google, Moto, HTC, Sony and LG. Hopefully your trade-in will be stripped for parts and repurposed, and not just dumped in a landfill somewhere. To clear out your used phone drawer use the appropriate link below.

    OnePlus - Trade in and Save: Canada / USA
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    Hopefully T-Mobile will offer similar to the Trade in deal for Pixels - or JUMP!
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