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Thread: My experience with Wing Alpha

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    [sorry if a bit long, but English is my second language, so I tend to use too many words]

    My experience with Wing Alpha

    I wanted to sign on & off ATT prepaid in order to get the 8 + 8 ATT offer - or maybe stay with Wing if I was satisfied.

    Wing did not want me to start and set something-up until the day I was ready to sign-up.

    As a result, 3 days before the end of my service with ATT, I contacted them & they had to send me a sim:

    me: I have only 3 days left on my plan with ATT
    "Sierra": No worries!

    sim ordered 30 Apr at 11 AM
    shipped: 1 May
    received 4 May 2019 [late afternoon]
    from NYC = 400 miles - 5 days from order time

    or, as promised by Wing << 2-3 business days >>

    I luckily had bought data for a Straight Talk Hotspot I still owned, or I would have been without Internet for 2 or 3 days.

    << .... chat with a Wing Agent and get all set up in 10 minutes. >>

    10 minutes - close: it took 1 hour 50 mn

    I asked for Wing Alpha Unlimited Data Plan 22 GB / $65

    It turned-out that now it is $55 instead. [$59.65 with Taxes & Fees]
    I am not complaining about that.

    ...... and everything went downhill from there.

    Thanks for joining Wing!
    The Wing app is almost ready for our users on the AT&T network, and we'll message you as soon as it is.
    Download it via the app store: Wing Tel
    ["almost ready" .... and I should download it "RIGHT NOW" - explain that one !]

    me: I tried to access the app to check on my data usage: I received a f$#@ing message about "selfies" ... real useful !!!
    & I cannot get out of this crap. I don't want to read about avatars/selfies. I want to check on my data usage

    Andrew from Wing: I can gladly grab this information for you

    me: I want to be able to do that in the future without going to chat & reading about selfies.

    Andrew from Wing: We are working on our app so that it can have your data usage displayed.

    In the end:
    << At the moment, Wings users on the GSM network cannot see data usage or utilize the Wing app. Please be patient while we complete it! >>

    so, if you are on AT&T Network: their app is useless.

    I had read that:

    Our unlimited plan includes unlimited talk and text ...
    Users who exceed 22GB/mo will experience reduced speeds until the next cycle starts. The reduced speed is at 2G levels.

    SORRY: no reduced speeds for you - all the fine print is hidden in FAQ:

    Wing GSM (AT&T Network):
    If you are on the GSM network with Wing, you are only able to use the data allotted in your plan.
    Once you have reached your limit, you can add data by paying for a higher data plan.

    Meaning without chatting with them every time, you won't know when you will be cut-off

    So, I now have all set-up to go back to ATT and I told them I want to start service at the end of the month.

    __ They did not tell me: come back on that day.

    __ I ordered a sim: ordered & shipped 13 May 2019/received 14 May at 1:29 pm
    from FT WORTH, TX = about 1200 miles

    __ I can read my data usage on ATT website.

    __ << After high-speed data allowance is used, speeds are reduced to a max of 128Kbps for rest of 30-day term >>
    so I will still have service. [yes, it is 128 max - I will get about 15Kbps]
    my comment:

    __ be careful with Wing Alpha and read & re-read the fine print [FAQ]

    __ when chatting with them, you will get a lot of:

    << yeah you should be able to >>

    << We can look into >>

    PLUS - Something that stinks bad:

    when I could not sign-in to create an account:
    << no problem: just give me your credit/debit card number, exp date, cvc code on back >>

    Yeah ! right away !!!


    a Wing Alpha"satisfied" customer ... for ONE month only

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    so, they don't have OLAM yet? I tried them out about a year ago, but got annoying b/c everything was like them holding my hand every step of the way (which I didn't need). So back then I asked them about OLAM, and was told it was coming soon. Then I asked about 6 months ago, and still was coming soon. So made me wonder what their definition of soon was. I wanted to check things online regarding my account, but being forced into using their app was not what I wanted.

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by Qt0 View Post
    So made me wonder what their definition of soon was.
    similar to " 2-3 business days " & to " 10 minutes "

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    Other AT&T MVNOs let you check your balances by calling *777# or *777*1# or *777*2# or *777*3#

    Give it a try.

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    Wing alpha september switch now get talk text data no limits works great i use my phone for watching movies and tv all month long and i use the hotspot no hassles for 55$ until the end of the mo.

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