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Thread: daughter going to Europe for two weeks. questions

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    daughter going to Europe for two weeks. questions

    My daughter needs cell access in Europe for 2 weeks. She currently has an unlocked iPhone 8 plus on metro. Metro has plans for calling from here to many countries but none for using cell service while in other countries. I was thinking of using 50 dollar orange sim called Europe holiday pass. Can't post links yet, sorry.

    The 50 dollar sim looks good for what she'll need. Had anyone used orange (which I think is now owned by three) in Europe? Will my metro service come back online once she comes back y to the USA and puts the metro sim back in? Do I have to notify metro this is happening? Any help is much appreciated!

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    Where does she land first ?
    Wanted: old barnfind VWs and Sports cars ,
    save them from the crusher , I have had my tetanus shots so rust does not scare me ,
    anything considered even parts cars

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