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Breaking news from XDA today: Support for the Android version of Google Trips will end on August 5th of this year. As someone who likes to travel every now and again I'm actually not too busted-up over this, as there will continue to be a web version of the app. Also, the service itself was never actually very good.

When it was first announced not even three years ago Trips seemed to me like an obvious replacement for TripIt, a free/paid service that you forward your travel plans to in exchange for an itinerary that you can print, share or add to your Google Calendar. I had been using TripIt for over a decade, but switched to Trips since it could scan my Gmail for reservations and dump them into my calendar automatically. And with Inbox's travel bundles entire itineraries were only a click or tap away.

Now we all know what happened to Inbox, but what I didn't know was how bad Google is at adding travel plans to Calendar, especially when those plans change.

As for the app itself, here's a screenshot from my most recent trip:

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Of the tiles you see above the one for reservations was all I ever used; the rest seem like they were designed for people who travel without mobile data—in other words, nobody. Thus, it's hardly surprising that the web version of Trips includes none of this unnecessary cruft.

So no, I'm not going to shed any tears over the Android version of Trips because, like so many of Mountain View's other "experiments", not a lot of effort was ever put into it. I've just gone back to using TripIt, which still works great!

Source: XDA