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Thread: Nokia N86 no signal

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    Nokia N86 no signal

    I recently bought a refurbished unlocked Nokia N86 that simply looks brand new. I bought a new sim card from my provider (Pure Talk) and when I got the provider on my landline and they told me to insert the sim card, I had no signal. They asked me to step out on the porch and I still had no signal. I then inserted the sim card into my Samsung s4 and I immediately got configuration messages and saw that I had all my signal bars present. The next day I inserted my wife's sim card out of her phone (her ISP is T-Mobile) into my N86 and Immediately received configuration messages! The signal was very weak but I still was able to call my landline. I am very confused and was hoping someone with experience in these matters could help me make sense of this. Thank you!

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    One of possible explanations is that there is no T-Mobile 2G network in your area: Nokia N86 does not support T-Mobile 3G network (3G Band 4 1700 MHz) and does not support LTE. In theory it should work with T-Mobile 2G network (GSM 1900 MHz), but T-Mobile is reducing its GSM network, so, you may not have it anymore in your area (or the signal is very weak).

    But it supports AT&T 3G network (3G Band 5 850 NHz).

    Another possibility: the phone is defective (or SIM locked to unknown operator which is the same as defective in your case). To be sure that the phone is OK, insert AT&T SIM into this phone. AT&T SIM must work in N86.

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