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Thread: How to root Android with Framaroot

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    How to root Android with Framaroot

    The root is the superuser that has all the administration privileges including modifying the operating system. So rooting means simply gain that liberty. So as an Android user what are the benefits will you get from it? If I simply put you can flash ROMs, install the firmware, download anything without worrying about permission, and enhance overall performance with the features and including the display. Isn't that amazing, yes it's amazing. That's why people are obsessed with rooting. But as the two sides of the coin, there is a risk for this process also. To avoid the risk you should consider the best rooting tools that you should use to root your android.

    Android rooting with Framaroot

    It is a convenient rooting tool that considers the universal root tool. But do not get me wrong. It is not capable to work in all the Android devices in the world. But the specialty is the application be attached with few exploits that work with hundreds of devices regardless of the brand. It can be Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG. As long as you find your device model in the compatible list, your good to go. If you are a fan of lord of the ring books or movies this can be quite impressive. You will meet the characters of that story inside this root tool.

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    It is necessary to find out what is suitable exploit to your smartphone or the tablet. If your device is on the compatible list you have to check below list next. It considers the internal chipset of the device.

    Compatible Exploits for devices

    • Qualcomm - Gandalf
    • MTK - Boromir, Faramir, Barahir
    • Huawei K3v2 - Pippin
    • Amlogic - Gollum
    • Samsung - Legolas, Aragon
    • Exynos - Sam, Frodo, Legolas, Aragon
    • Omap36xx - Gimli

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    How to root Android

    1. Before anything else check the compatibility list. Start the process if you find your device in the list.
    2. Go to this page and download the Framaroot APK to your computer
    3. Then connect the device with the computer using a USB cable.
    4. Go to Menu --> Settings --> Security --> Unknown Sources --> Enable
    5. Next place the downloaded APK file on the SD card of the mobile device.
    6. We do not need the PC anymore, so disconnect it now.
    7. From the smartphone or the tablet go to the file manager and install the APK like a regular application.
    8. Launch installed the application.
    9. Go to the first drop-down menu.
    10. Select SuperSu from the list.
    11. Now it is the most important part. Select the correct exploit and Framaroot will begin to root.
    12. Within 10 seconds the process will be finished.
    13. The final step is rebooting it again after the rooting completes.

    Check this video.

    Final verdict

    Anyway, all of you know that Android rooting is void the warranty of the smartphone or the tablet you rooted. But with this tool, we have a solution. If you want to unroot the device after it already rooted this provided facility to do that. Just one click and suddenly your warranty will be valid again.

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    CYA. Don't do this. Go to XDA & read read read & ask questions.

    Why are people allowed to post this aio it's easy bs solutions??????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by zapjb View Post
    CYA. Don't do this. Go to XDA & read read read & ask questions.

    Why are people allowed to post this aio it's easy bs solutions??????????
    Reading (reading and reading) XDA is always a good idea when it comes to hacking phones for root, etc.

    Also, before rushing into rooting a phone, keep in mind that some banking, financial, and pay apps won't work on a rooted phone. A rooted phone is too vulnerable to shenanigans when money is involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapjb View Post
    CYA. Don't do this. Go to XDA & read read read & ask questions.

    Why are people allowed to post this aio it's easy bs solutions??????????
    Report the original post to the mods!

    It's not the first time this rooting method was posted here. The post was removed by the mods, but the user was not banned. This user and another one posting as Alex Pro are totally fake and should be banned.

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