Many of our customers have problems with unlocking a Doro device.

Doro is a brand of smarphones which specializes in creating devices for elderly people.

They have big physical buttons and don't have any new functions like facebook, messenger etc.

Unfortunatelly even such devices have a network blockade. Which means they only work in one network.

In such case our service SIM-UNLOCK.NET offers special unlocking codes that remove the blockade.

After that your Doro device can work in all networks it doesn't matter from which country it comes from.

The instructions look like this:

First option

1. Turn on the phone with an unaccepted Sim card (unaccepted simcard comes from a network different than the one used in your device)
2. Input the unlock code provided by

Second option

1. Turn on the phone without any sim card
2. Type sequence *#787464# just like a phone number
3. Enter the unlock code provided by
4. Phone is unlocked.

If the code doesn't work we make a refund for your order.

Please make an order by clicking the link below

Doro network unlock is a network unlocking company that can remove a blockade from nearly every network from all over the world. We unlock such models like iPhone, Samsung, Sony and many others, currently our website can unlock 7464 phone models, but the number keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Our prices are cheap and we don't take much time to get the job done. We use payment options like PAYPAL or credit card, so that everyone can use our service.

We treat every customer with respect and try to help them in any possible way. You can check our reviews on our website, we have hundrets of happy customers which use our website regularly.