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Thread: Why is Verizon all-in on Unlimited?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmtvaquero View Post
    Yes, he's still spouting his opinions as if they are facts. Then, when someone disagrees, he insults them. I remember when he preached that anyone who used more than 2 gb data per month was a data hog/abuser and was going to doom the system. Here's an old thread where he and you argued basically the same topic as this thread.
    You think if he didn't want to be caught he change up his arguments and not give out his location. Some people can't help themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanko987 View Post
    Also, the CDMA propagation characteristics are very interesting to me. A while ago someone told me that LTE and CDMA have pretty much the same range, and that the only reason it seems as though CDMA travels farther is because of the programming in the phone that makes it drop down to CDMA when LTE is weak. Is this statement still valid? The CDMA traveling and penetrating farther makes more sense to me, but I’m not too sure.
    CDMA (and WCDMA on AT&T) are much more resilient in mountainous areas. Not sure about flatter areas, I believe it's less of a factor there. I can confirm that there can be large areas covered only by WCDMA from a tower that has LTE in a mountainous area. Those areas will lose service when 3G is shut down on Verizon and AT&T unless they build out more towers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali_stud View Post
    where is the OP i live in so cal and have not experienced any network strain!!! most of the time i get 100 - 300 MBPS down in 4G LTE mode. but i am on the above unlimited plan as well. when i had the go unlimited plan i was being throttled left and right!!! you might want to call verizon and have them walk you through a network reset on your phone as well
    I can say as someone who travels around the country for work, Verizon has some magical engineers in SoCal, and if they put that much effort into their network everywhere else in the nation, this topic would never come up.

    I never once have an issue with data speeds in SoCal or the Bay Area for some reason (usually 100+Mbps unless i'm right around an airport) but go back east/midwest and i'm back to my usually 1-5Mbps during peaktimes.
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