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Thread: new ID verification being trialed in select markets and will eventually go nationwide

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    new ID verification being trialed in select markets and will eventually go nationwide

    free phones offers will start to be marketed as 'ID verification required'

    process will involve having to provide sales rep. name, address and birth date and number to be ported. info will go into a special web form that that will respond either qualified for promo or not qualified.

    not sure who provides the database but real name, address and birth date combos are all coming back qualified and any made up ones are coming back not qualified. i believe anyone without a traceable history of at least some sort in the united states will not qualify.

    the intention is to crack down on people going to multiple locations using different names and getting discount promo pricing beyond limits.

    non qualified customers are still welcome to port over but will not be able receive the discounted promos anymore.

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    Good to hear. Sucks that scammers ruin things for the rest of us

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    I'm ok with this. Graffitiying boxes so people couldn't resell phones was probably one of the most ghetto, undignified contrivances I've ever seen a company do.

    The metros I've gone to always asked for ID. I imagine the new aspect is just cross checking people to look for bulk purchases.

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