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Thread: Does Tmobile prepaid use band 71?

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    Does Tmobile prepaid use band 71?

    And if so, do all the prepaid plans use it?

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    T-Mobile Prepaid would use the same established network tech used on the network at large.

    Band 71 is the newest frequency band used by T-Mobile. It is in the 600 MHz range, which, being pretty much the lowest frequency band in use for digital cellular, has the best potential reach from a given cell site as well as penetration through obstacles (foliage, buildings).

    The only determining factor is whether the device being used is equipped with it, and whether the particular cell site is equipped for it.

    It is quite new and not all T-Mobile devices (especially lower cost prepaid ones) have it, and not all cell sites have it turned up yet.

    There's likely a lot of talk about what bands are used where in the main T-Mobile postpaid forum, as well as numerous other sites on the web.

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