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Thread: Any word if Bell will match Rogers Canada/USA Infinite plans?

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    Any word if Bell will match Rogers Canada/USA Infinite plans?

    As the title states, curious to know if anyone has word as to whether Bell will move forth and match the Rogers offering on the Canada/USA Infinite plans. I travel to the USA frequently and currently on a plan which is suitable; but if they come out with an Infinite plan with Canada/USA roaming and the option of 10/20/50GB of data especially if you can do a phone subsidy (like Rogers), I'll probably jump over to one of these and ditch my Freedom Mobile line.

    Currently, I'm operating two phones but Freedom, although they are improving and expanding nowadays, still have poor coverage in specific areas which have become dense in population yet nothing improves. It holds onto a signal and will not allow roaming thus making the phone a paper-weight. They've been at things long enough and it's too slow going. Once they do have true "national" coverage, I'm sorry but I believe 2 things will happen:

    1) The competition will lower their pricing to match (which we are already seeing)
    2) Freedom will increase pricing even to those who have stuck with them; not allowing for promo codes and no one is a winner.

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    Seems like Bell is going to increase their unlimited plans by $10 and offer USA plans that are $10 more than Rogers....

    Are the other 2 carriers going to increase by $10?!

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