(Interesting to me, anyway )

In looking around the GV control interfaces (app and web) this morning I discovered a couple things I thought I'd share, and maybe get some comments on.

Ever since I first started on GV back in 2009 I've had my primary account (I have an extra) set up to notify me of GV voicemail via text (that's SMS carrier text), as when mobile in a car I am not data-connected, so it's a handy feature.

And of course we were all agog that one of the features of GV was that you could get actual written transcripts of voicemail sent to you, either via email or SMS. Tried that out and it was not for me. The transcripts (haven't checked them out lately) are all over the place, plus if you're having them sent via SMS and you pay per message it gets kind of pricey with long winded people.

So I elected to not get transcripts, but KEEP the SMS notification that I had received voicemail. No problems. The old (Legacy) interface had me covered, was easy to configure as desired. Then things started to change...

I can't remember if the web interface changed on its own at some point or if that change coincided with the GV Android app's arrival. Whatever - the new UI had a toggle for "Receive Voicemail via text", but this was to control getting/not getting transcripts, and it was global, across all linked numbers on the account.

Luckily they retained the ability to access the Legacy interface, and there you can still, per linked (forwarded) number, choose to be notified of voicemail via text. You separately go into the "Voicemail & text" section to select getting transcripts or not. I don't see any selection still for VM text notification in the newer interface, except as it regards transcripts. Oh well. Anyone else wonder about that?

The other thing is that I went through being notified by Google that I was about to lose my other GV number unless I showed some usage. And in dealing with that I had to verify the one number it was forwarding to, which had been set up as a Temporary Number.

That ability is discontinued, and because that forwarded (linked) number had been already set up with my primary GV account, but I goofed it up in response to Google's prompts to me, I had to set it up again on the primary, using the little verification code they send you and you input on screen.

In looking today at the Legacy interface for my primary account, I noticed that linked number was listed as a "Home" type phone, along with a generic name "Phone 29". This also made it display without two configuration settings a Mobile phone would be displayed with: VM notification via text and another.

Changed the phone type and the displayed name, and that's all good again. Strange that it went in initially as a "Home" number. Maybe that's their default, but I would've thought they'd default it to Mobile. Anyway, it pays to look through these things once in a while and not assume too much.