Many customers make a mistake of providing an IMEI number from the box or sticker.

It is not a good way to unlock your device.

Many device have been repaired or replaced by the network, but the box still stays the same, which means that you IMEI number is not the same in the system than it is on the box.

This makes a lot of problems when it comes to the network unlocking.

SIM-UNLOCK.NET and other unlocking companies provide the codes based on the IMEI number the customer provided.

If the IMEI number is different in the system than the one in the order, the codes or remote unlock won't work.

Another problem is that customers blame us for their mistake, or that we didn't check the IMEI before the order.

It doesn't make any sense, because there is no way to check the IMEI number without the device.

Many times they request a refund, because the device is still locked. That is true, but not because we didn't do our job. The reason is the customers mistake which we cannot pay for.

So please make sure that you have an IMEI number taken from the system and that is it 100% correct, if it is not we cannot make a refund.

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