Many people have problems with entering an unlock code in a modem device.

There are a couple of things you need to check, before you make an order.

For example the most important thing is to insert an unaccepted simcard.

You should cvheck what exactly happens if the device asks for any code? Does it show a message that there is no simcard inside? Or maybe it shows incorrect simcard and that is all.

In any case please remember that when you insert a simcard and it doesn't mean that your device has a network blockade. It might be broken or blacklisted and cannot receive any signal.

When you are certain that it is a network blockade and your device asks for a network unlock code, you can make an order on the website.

SIM-UNLOCK.NET modem unlock

After you received the code you can enter it by using this instruction

To enter unlock code into Huawei E5332:
1. Input a non-accepted Sim
2. enter the unlock code

Your Huawei E5332 is unlocked now !!!

If you insert an unaccepted simcard, but there is no message to enter a code, you need to go to the device's settings.

In order to do it you need to disconnect all other sources of the internet and enter a sequence or

Now in the settings search for a window to enter a code either in a security settings, network etc.

In any case please make sure that you have a network blockade and you can enter the code.

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