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Thread: 3G vs 4G

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    3G vs 4G

    Could someone please explain why I can send picture messages just fine with my 3g phone without making any changes to my phone, but with my 4g phone I have to put the phone in 4g mode before I can send a picture message? My carrier is Pure Talk and I pay $10.00 a month but I'm limited to 400 minutes and I have a small amount of data in case I want to send a picture message. I have to keep my smart phone on 3g unless I want to send a picture message because I get downloads in the background that eats up all of my data. I don't understand why I can't send picture messages in the 3g mode?

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    Sounds strange I would think this is more phone related that network itself. Do you mind sharing the phone model and make? What does it do when you try send when connected to wi-fi?

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