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Thread: How to root Android - Magisk with Odin and TWRP for a Samsung Galaxy

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    How to root Android - Magisk with Odin and TWRP for a Samsung Galaxy

    Android rooting is not a simple mechanism but yet it is not so complicated such as anyone could not understand what is this and how it's done. Anybody can do it with a few kinds of research and a little bit of reading. In this article, I'm going to talk about how to root android using Magisk and TWRP recovery tools. But to do this you should have an android smartphone or a tablet with an unlocked bootloader. Today we are going to use a Samsung Smartphone.

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    How to do Android rooting

    • The first step is to enable the hidden Developer Options.
    • To do this go to settings --> About phone --> software info --> Build Number --> tap on it 5 times --> Your a developer now --> go back to settings --> developer Options --> OEM unlock --> checked
    • Some devices such as old Galaxy S6 did not have this option. So you can skip it if the option is not available. If your device is a newer version like Galaxy S8 you will have to wait 7 days to unlock it.
    • Download these necessary files into the PC. And it should be Windows.
      1. Samsung Odin (
      2. Samsung Drivers (Install it after download)
      3. Magisk Root tools
      4. Samsung Root tools
      5. TWRP recovery
    • Put the device into Odin download mode.
    • New versions - Bixby key, hold down Volume Down, Bixby, and Power buttons for about 5 seconds
    • Old versions - hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons for about 5 seconds

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    • Connect the smartphone with the PC using a USB cable.
    • Extract the downloaded Odin and run the .exe file
    • Select “AP” from the Odin program and give the TWRP recovery file
    • Flash TWRP recovery is the next step.
    • On the device Hold the volume down and click “Start” on PC

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    • After the click, it presses and holds down the home button or the Bixby
    • The device screen will be black and don't forget to hold the power button down.
    • You should release all those buttons after 5 seconds and the device will be rebooted to recovery mode.
    • If you got a message saying “Unmodified System Partition” install custom recovery first carefully.
    • Or you can follow these steps.
    • tap on “Keep Read Only” --> Wipe --> Format data” --> Type, “yes”
    • This will format all your data. Wait until it finished.
    • Now from home menu --> Reboot --> recovery --> Do Not Install --> after it rebooted select "Keep Read Only"
    • Copy all the Magisk and Samsung rooting tools from PC to device.
    • If your device has encryption warning install No Verify OPT Encrypt ZIP file from the recovery menu and reboot again.
    • Next flash Magisk Zip file by installing in recovery menu and reboot again after.
    • Now your device will be rooted.
    • You will see a welcome screen and check if the Magisk Manager is available.

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    Wrap Up

    This is called a universal method to root your Samsung Galaxy device. If you have done it correctly and carefully it is not a very complicated process. And even if you did do something wrong it will never brick your device. You just have to reflash the firmware with Odin. But make sure to back up the system before the process. Because it will save you from losing all your data.

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    Just skimmed. Nothing egregious stands out. In fact this seems to be the best post with links about rooting on Hofo I can remember.

    Having said that Hofo is NOT a rooting forum & there's zero support for that here. By support I mean there's not dozens of qualified individuals who if asked nicely & they have the time will help.

    So please stop posting this here. This belongs places like XDA Developers, Android Forums, Android Central, etc.

    But posting this here is irresponsible and not considerate.
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