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Thread: Trouble restoring an old BB and reloading OS

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    Trouble restoring an old BB and reloading OS

    I need to use an old Z10 (I think!) as a backup phone and couldn't remember the phone password. I researched what to do and ended up putting in the wrong password 10 times so I could wipe the phone. It took hours for it to get to 96% then stuck there overnight. In the morning I got an error message on the phone Tried restarting several times to no avail. Upon further research the only suggestion was to download Blackberry link (to my macbook) and to Restore factory settings/Reload Device Software but I get another error message "Cannot repair due to error:The operation couldn't be completed (com.rim.SLS error 255.)"
    I've tried repeatedly and either it doesn't connect at all or I get the same error message. Any other options?
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