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Thread: Definitely Maybe: An Early Look at Fitbit's Versa 2

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    Post Definitely Maybe: An Early Look at Fitbit's Versa 2

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    We're going to have to put our trust in Android Police and The Verge on this one, as the source—notorious leaker Evan Blass—has started making his Tweets private. If Blass is to be believed, what we're looking at here is another update to the Fitbit Versa; notable changes include a new OLED screen (without a Fitbit logo on it) and support for Amazon Alexa (and therefore a necessary microphone port somewhere on the case).

    I guess the mic is the reason why Fitbit is ditching the buttons on the right side of the watch, like they've already done with the current Versa Lite. As a novice watch enthusiast I'm a bit perplexed by this design choice, unless people wear watches on their right wrists now...?

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    Woven straps like these were reserved for the Special Edition first-gen Versas (Versae?), the ones with NFC chips for Fitbit Pay. I used an SE Versa for a weekend, and I don't remember returning it because it didn't have a voice-activated virtual assistant. But I do absolutely remember that notifications weren't reliable and the music controls didn't work at all.

    It also seems to me that most of the Fitbits I see out in the wild are the more discreet wearables like the Charge or the original Flex—that is to say that users get more value out of the fitness tracking/step counts than the actual hardware itself. Am I wrong on this?

    Source: @evleaks (protected) via Android Police, The Verge
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    People wear watches on both their left and right wrists. Although the majority wear them on their left.

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