We offer you an exclusive unlock method available for all new Samsung devices, including the S9 models. These Samsung new models unlock service will work for all phones for which the unlock code by IMEI could not be found.

This unlock is done online by USB cable, not by codes calculated from IMEI. If you are interested in an unlock code from IMEI, please buy this product Samsung unlock code by IMEI.

For some networks, the IMEI code can not be found, or if you have a newer models of a brand this can be shown too, such as Samsung Note 9, but with this service this will not be a problem, because this is done by USB cable and it is GUARANTEED TO WORK, even for newest models!


-It costs less than a code generated from IMEI
-It takes less time (15-20 min) while Samsung codes by IMEI can take up to a few days
-100% guaranteed to work as is read from the phone directly
-It is factory permanent unlock
-This method will work for any phone including those for which the Galaxy S9 unlock codes from other sources did not work or were not found
-You will have online support until you confirm the phone is unlocked (for that is better to have a sim from another carrier when doing the unlock)

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Supported models

Samsung models that ask for unlock code when turned with a different sim card. If your phone is not asking for network code when turning on with a different sim please contact us before buying this service. If you can’t find your Samsung device on this list, don’t worry, ask us, we’ll help you out as soon as we can(just email us)
Models such as:
-SM-J337A SM-J337AZ SM-J337VPP SM-J737A
-SM-J737VPP SM-J810F SM-J810FD SM-J810G
-SM-J810GF SM-J810M SM-J810Y SM-G960U
-SM-G960U1 SM-G960W SM-G9600 SM-G9608
-SM-G965U SM-G965U1 SM-G965W SM-G9650
-SM-G960F SM-G960FDSM-G965F
-SM-G965FD SM-A600F SM-A600FN SM-A600FD
-SM-A600G SM-A600GN SM-A600GD SM-J600F
-SM-J600FN SM-J600FD SM-J600G SM-J400F
-SM-J400FD SM-J400G SM-J400M
-SM-G885F SM-G885Y SM-885G SM-885S
-SM-G885Y SM-G885Y SM-G885G SM-G885Y SM-G885S
-SM-G8850 SM-G8858
-SM-N960F N960N