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Thread: Photograph Identification

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    Photograph Identification

    Hello, I recently took some photos of myself on my Android phone, and emailed them to a friend. I have uploaded the photos to my Google Drive account. The photos have not been posted on the internet. This friend then emailed the photos to someone else, but did not reveal my name to the "someone else". Can this "someone else" person, not knowing my name, use these photos to find out my name, even though the photos have not been posted to the internet?

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    Yes it is possible but not for certain that they could find your name from a photo.

    They can do a face search online and if you have other photos on the internet it could lead to identifying you.

    Also by default photos have your geo location so if you took the photo at your house they could find out who lives there. You can remove all meta data from a photo using Windows which is a good idea for privacy.

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