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Thread: The Impossible Burger or Beyond Burger fake hamburger meat. Any good?

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    The Impossible Burger or Beyond Burger fake hamburger meat. Any good?

    I've tried both and was wondering what other people thought. They are both made from vegetable sources. The 'Impossible Burger' is sold at Burger King and other places. The "Beyond Burger' is at Carl's Jr and other places as well. I've tried both. Burger King said they tested it on hundreds of people and employees before deciding to make it available nationwide. They said most people couldn't tell the difference in it and real beef. I've tried both Burger King's and Carl's Jr. To be honest neither one actually tasted like real beef to me but the Carl's Jr Beyond burger was much thicker and flavorful than Burger King's Impossible burger IMO. Burger King's seemed to have a slight aftertaste like something that was burned but they might've overcooked it so take that as anecdotal. I love any and all things cooked on an open flame but this was different. The best way to test is to make sure you're hungry of course so your taste buds are on high alert. Then try breaking off a couple of small portions of the substitute meat to taste test before chomping down on the burger itself.

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    Not a burger, but I did have Beyond Meat taco at Del Taco once and it didn't really have any flavor at all. It also looked like a slimy mush.

    I had lunch with a friend recently who tried a Carl's Jr Beyond Burger and was unimpressed. He said the flavor was unremarkable and had a weird aftertaste.

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    I don`t eat boogers.

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    I've had both. The Beyond Meat burger has a distinctive juice to it, and the Impossible Burger tastes more like a charbroiled burger. Honestly, I'd rather eat real beef than either of these Frankenburgers. Cost less and tastes better. I would only recommend people try it once to make up their own minds and so they can just say they've tried them. They're not bad, but they're not great either. Definitely wouldn't recommend them to a vegetarian or vegan over other veggie burgers.

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    I like both of them to be honest.

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